Hixson Ford Vehicle Buy Backs

2023 Explorer parked next to building

Are you looking to get a great deal when selling your vehicle? At Hixson Ford of Leesville, we’re offering Ford vehicle buy backs to make sure you can get the ideal offer on your next trade-in. Whether you’re looking to buy a new car or you’re simply looking to sell your old one, we’ll make sure you get a great offer every time.

If you live in the Leesville, New Llano, and Anacoco areas, let us show you why drivers are saying Hixson has it: has a new culture, new attitude, and an easier way!

High Ford Trade-in Values

If you’re searching for your next car, trading in your current vehicle can be a great way to cover the down payment. You can be sure you’ll get a great deal on your next vehicle because we’re offering up to $2,000 over the Kelley Blue Book® value for each trade in.

If you’re not sure what the Kelley Blue Book® trade-in value is for your vehicle, you can make use of our Value Your Trade tool. Just provide the necessary information on your vehicle, and we’ll be able to tell you what we can provide for your car. When you’re done, you can even get pre-approved for a loan right off our website as well.

Sell Your Car to Us

Even if you’re not looking to buy a vehicle, you can sell your car to us as well. You can simply bring your car to us and we’ll tell you what we’ll buy your car for. To make things even easier, you can think on it. Our Sell It to Us Now evaluation is good for five days or 500 miles, so you can decide if our offer is right for you.

Get Pre-Approved with Us Today!

You can be sure you’ll get a great offer on your next vehicle when you come to meet with us at Hixson Ford of Leesville with our Hixson Ford of Leesville vehicle buy backs. If you’re selling your car in the Leesville, New Llano, and Anacoco areas, contact us at our dealership today!