Ford Escape: A Popular Midsize SUV

We at Hixson Ford of Leesville understand why so many people prefer the Ford Escape over other midsize SUV options. It's popular because it executes with performance features designed with the busy passenger in mind. Whether you are driving from your home city to the country or just running errands around town, the Escape will take you where you want to go.

Conservation is Nice

If you've driven for over a few months you have probably been stuck in traffic, slowly inching along until eternity passes you by. There are profuse times when the engine is not needed as the vehicle idles; this can all end thanks to Ford's Automatic Start-Stop Technology that automatically starts and stops the engine depending on needs. This will reduce emissions and save you money on fuel. Be excited about the engines that power you through your test drive through Leesville, LA.

A three-engine list of options is available within the trim levels. Only the EcoBoost engines feature the Start-Stop Technology in the Ford Escape. Curve Control helps you navigate properly on the road as it helps stabilize handling. Be safe and get out there.

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