Ford Explorer's Exterior Design

Sport-utility vehicles rank very high for sought-after vehicles, and the Ford Explorer is no exception to the rule by any means. This particular three-row SUV is equipped with plenty of power, has striking good-looks and is technologically ahead of the game. The appearance of an SUV can result in huge sales so let's see why this SUV is a top choice.

The Ford Explorer jumps out at you by pulling in your attention. This SUV sports strong lines that flow from front to back. The truck is also well-balanced, and it has a slightly lower profile than its competitors. Its mesh-designed front grille sits perfectly inside of an asymmetrical-like shape. Another great feature about this SUV is that it doesn't sport a cluttered appearance. The Ford Explorer has a nice, clean finish with the right amount of chrome accents. In addition to that, Ford is offering nine wheel choices.

For a free test drive of this amazing three-row SUV, you'll need to visit our showroom, and we have a lot of other cool features that will impress you about this vehicle.

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